About Us

Profile: Established 1963, Orientals Jerusalem art stone started out as a medium sized workshop that branched out from Yassin brothers company, building contractors and natural stone industry pioneers, revolutionizing the sector in Jordan, the workshop specialized in cutting and shaping natural stone.

In 1988 the workshop became an independent entity under the name of AW Yassin and Sons Company. Aiming at excellence, the company developed the skills of their existing operators, staffed highly qualified technicians and invested in state of the art equipment.

In order to meet the requirements of the rapid growth and expansion in 1998 the company moved to Sahab industrials zone as Orientals Jerusalem art stone, with the support of its sophisticated, well equipped computer lab, the company works in close contact with architects, interior designers and engineering consultants to perfect custom made design of interior and exterior wall cladding, flooring, garden and landscaping and natural stone decorative items, Orientals Jerusalem art stone implements any creative design on demand at record breaking time.

Professionalism and quality allowed the company to penetrate highly competitive international markets, such as USA, Western Europe and Arab gulf countries, and attain a reputable position as one of the major players in the international market.

Our Vision:

Orientals Jerusalem Art Stone administration has early recognized the local and global growing demand for high quality natural stone items fashioned for exquisite shapes & forms with a choice of texture to fit every design. Consequently the company worked on expanding its plant and upgrading thier machines.

International And Local Land Marks Projects:


-       Ingersoll – Frankfurt, Germany


-       Saudi Foreign Ministry Offices – Jeddah, KSA


-       Royal Palaces – Amman, Jordan


-       Amman Mall – Amman, Jordan


-       Jubile School – Amman, Jordan


-       Petra University – Amman, Jordan


-       Al-Hussein Sports Hall – Amman, Jordan


-       Lebanese Embassy – Amman, Jordan


-       Safeway – Amman, Jordan


-       Aqaba City Gates – Aqaba, Jordan


-       Regency Hotel – Amman, Jordan


-       Marriott Hotel – Amman, Jordan


-       Jordan National Bank – Amman, Jordan


-       80000 Sq. Ft Residence Beverly Park – Los Angeles, USA


-       Janadrieh Palace Project – Riyadh, KSA


-       Bweibat Palace Project – Riyadh, KSA


-       Ghorair Mall – Dubai, UAE


-       Jordan Parliament – Amman, Jordan


-       Crown Plaza Resort - Dead Sea, Jordan


-       Iscar – Chicago, USA


-       Le Meridien Hotel – Amman, Jordan


-       Marriott Resort – Dead Sea, Jordan


-       Amman International Hotel – Amman, Jordan


-       Jordan National Museum – Amman, Jordan


-       Abdali Mall – Amman, Jordan


-       Four Seasons Golf Course – Dubai Festival City – Dubai, UAE


-       Prime Minister Official Residence – Amman, Jordan


-       British Embassy – Amman, Jordan


-       Dead Sea Panoramic Site – Dead Sea, Jordan


-       King Abdullah Bin Abdel Aziz Post Graduate University – Thuwal, Jeddah, KSA

-       King Abdullah University of Science and Technology – Jeddah, KSA

-     Days Inn Hotel  Amman, Jordan

-     Volante Tower - Dubai, UAE