Exterior work

National stone has been and still is one of the most important source of building materials. The Exterior use of stone maintained its present through time, whether as wall covering material or as decorative architectural details.

The stone texture used in wall covering vary from polished and honed to rougher texture such as bush hammered ,sand blasted, split face and antique. The beauty of stone is more evident when used for decorative detailing like columns, balustrade, cornices, and art work.

Interior work

The use of natural stone in interior detailing adds the richness of every space, whether its decorative items or wall cladding. Orientals Jerusalem Art Stone specializes in the production of such items to fit every custom made design and desire. The company's decorative collection include, columns (solid or Shell), fireplace mantels, wall units, opening frames, mould and profiled sections.

Architectural Decorative Items

Natural stone is widely used for decorative items. OJAS manufacture natural stone decorative items that provides option in textures. Sophisticated inlay designs by 3-axis and robot cutting machines are created with elegance. The company provides an extensive range of natural stone finishing that satisfies all tastes.